Military & Aerospace

Military & Aerospace

Using Parylene in the air and in space, above & below ground and water

In the air, in space and all over the galaxy, in a rocket, aircraft or satellite, on the ground or underground, above or below water, small or large application – Parylene supplies long lasting total protection for components exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Parylene is by far the most abundant polymeric substance in use by the air and space industries.

Parylene’s main advantage is its ability to maintain the integrity of electrical, physical, optical, and mechanical properties, even in very moist environments and varying atmospheric pressures, besides its basic ability to withstand a huge range of temperatures.

Additionally, Parylene is especially suitable for components that are exposed to chemicals, solvents, sub-zero temperatures, UV radiation (in the absence of oxygen) and under extreme environmental conditions.

A partial list of air and space facilities that use Parylene includes:

  • Pathfinder/ Curiosity(and other space vehicles)
  • A space probing crawler
  • Satellites and satellite equipment
  • Navigation systems for unmanned aircrafts