About Us

About Simtal

Established in 2006, Simtal Nano-Coatings Ltd. has become a leader in the field of Polymer Conformal Coating applications – Parylene coatings, due to the dynamic and flexible nature as well as vast experience of the people behind it.

As one of the most advanced coating solutions, Parylene’s unique qualities award a range of advantages to a wide variety of industries and applications, including: medical and optical, military and aerospace, electronic and civil engineering.   

Over the years, the team at Simtal has gained vast experience and expertise in every aspect of Polymer coating, allowing them to leverage their knowledge of Parylene’s exceptional characteristics to provide results that exceed clients’ expectations.

Our new plant in Tsiporit industrial zone from Q4, 2021

The Founder

Tal Kaufman, lives in a community village in the North, a mother of five with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

In 2006 she founded Simtal Coating and has served as the company’s Chairperson ever since.

Simtal Coating is developing rapidly, requiring it to start construction on a new building (approx. 2,000 m2) in the Tziporit industrial area.

Tal’s vision is to make Simtal a nano-coating center that will offer a variety of solutions for the various companies’ R&D engineers.

In addition to her numerous endeavors, Tal is a member of the Manufacturers Association of Israel and a member of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association’s executive board.

Moreover, Tal serves as Chairperson of the Forum Promoting Women in Industry and works tirelessly to promote women in industry and in general.

Quality Certifications & standards

In all of its work and processes Simtal insure to uphold the toughest international standards, including: ISO AS9100 , FDA, NAMSA, CE, MIL SPEC (especially MIL-I-46058), XY, IPC, and many more.

Simtal’s expertise is in providing protection to components so that they meet the requirements of various standards imposed by the developers of different devices. At Simtal we provide our clients with the tools and expertise of our professional team, accompanying them in the coating process and ensuring they deliver to the precise standard specifications required for the specific device they have developed.

Simtal has been reviewed and approved by European and American technology companies, as well as military, civilian and medical companies and has been found to uphold their varied and stringent regulatory requirements.