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About Simtal

Established in 2006, Simtal Nano-Coatings Ltd. has become a leader in the field of Polymer Conformal Coating applications – Parylene coatings, due to the dynamic and flexible nature as well as vast experience of the people behind it.
As one of the most advanced coating solutions, Parylene’s unique qualities award a range of advantages to a wide variety of industries and…

Our new plant in Tsiporit industrial zone from Q4, 2021

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About Parylene

The discovery of Parylene gave the world a coating solution rich in characteristics and qualities. Today, we continue to discover its ever growing variety of applications and advantages.

Parylene Advantages

With a multitude of invaluable characteristics, Parylene is one of the world’s most advanced polymer coatings.

Used in a wide variety of industries (including: industrial medical and bio-med, electronics and PCB, military, chemical aeronautic, automotive and space industries


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